Bunded Tank Installations

Modular manifolds and wall valves

Introducing our demountable modular manifold system

Its : Quick and simple to install. Long service life and transferable from site to site Manifolds act as a secondary containment measure, offering peace of mind in the event of a valve failure and the costly implications. Fits most popular 3 metre diameter vertical tanks –call for advice. Made from grade 316 stainless steel. A choice of EDPM of PTFE Seals. Once installed, the tanks are simply lifted into place and coupled up to the short flexi hose. Standardised spacing of 3.5 metre centres or 3.75 metre centres where an inline take off is used. Secured using stainless steel security anchors. Designed for bunded and non-bunded installations. Custom sizes made to order, Digitally prototyped. Branding available. Can be installed on existing installations. Most importantly, the system is 100% recoverable and can be dismantled and moved.

De-mountable pre-stressed bunding

Introducing our demountable bunding system, purpose designed for liquid fertilser and liquids with a density up to 1300kg’s per cubic metre.

Its : Quick and simple to install. Offers substantial impact protection. No butyl liners etc to maintain or protect from puncture. Custom made pre stressed concrete panels with built in lifting eyes aid quick and easy installation. Structurally engineered –Calculations and Finite Element Analysis to support the design. EPDM Seals allow for thermal movement All fixtures and fittings within the bund are grade 304/316 Stainless steel for protection from the effects of immersion in the inevitable mix of water and fertiliser that collects in the bund from hose spillages etc All external steelwork hot dip galvanised and secured externally for easy removal All the benefits and low maintenance of a cast in situ reinforced concrete bund, but re-locatable, recyclable and re-marketable Most importantly, the kit is 100%* recoverable and can be dismantled and moved or sold if there is a change in farming/company policy.

Kit includes all 4 corner fixtures, 2 intermediate fixtures, 6 panels, all stainless fixtures, fittings and sealants, required quantity of sleeve anchors, 1no. 25×4 metre roll 1200 gauge dpm, 1no. roll of 4mm foam curtain, it excludes reinforcement, concrete, hardcore, plant and labour.

On site assistance packages are available from simply installing the steelwork and panels to complete installations.

* Excluding consumables such as sleeve anchors etc.